Video Game Soundtracks On Vinyl: A Great Collector Choice

25 March 2020
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Video game music has transformed into a major industry and helps to transform gameplay into a more immersive experience. And a growing number of gamers are starting to collect soundtracks as a way of reliving their favorite games when relaxing or working. Thankfully, many of these companies have taken the vinyl boom in mind and offer great records for gaming fans to collect.   Video Game Music is a Very Collectible Gaming Element Read More 

5 Reasons It’s A Good Idea To Try An Escape Room

27 January 2020
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You may have heard of escape rooms, but maybe you have yet to try one. These fun experiences are a great way to be challenged along with friends and family. You'll work your way through different puzzles and obstacles and try to escape the room together. It can be tricky at times, but it's also fun. Here are some reasons it's a good idea to try an escape room experience. Read More 

Tips For Selecting A Wedding DJ

15 November 2019
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A wedding DJ is a common thing where wedding celebrations at the venues are concerned. After dinner, the floors are cleared of tables so that everyone can get up and dance. If you want a dance to celebrate your big day, then you have to hire a DJ. Here are some tips for hiring a really good DJ for your wedding.  If You Liked the DJ at a Recent Wedding You Attended, Ask the Bride Who It Was Read More 

Don’t Let These Problems Derail Your Progress In Piano Lessons

13 May 2017
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During each of your piano lessons at a facility like Las Vegas Pianos, your teacher will show you the proper way to play melodies and harmonies, and then you'll have the opportunity to enhance your skills through practice. Daily practice is the key to progressing quickly through your lessons, but you'll want to stay away from some of the common problems that can arise when you're practicing at home. Try to correct these problems if you notice them; you may also wish to discuss them with your teacher to learn any tips or tricks to avoiding them in the future. Read More 

Creating A Perfect Father And Daughter Dance For A Terminally Ill Father

4 May 2017
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Weddings are often an important way to bring a father and daughter closer together. Unfortunately, there's a chance that the father may be suffering from a terminal disease that will take him from his daughter's life too soon. In these instances, it is important for the bride and the wedding DJ to create a father and daughter dance playlist that will make it unforgettable for everyone involved. This Relationship Is So Vital Read More