Reasons Portable Stages Can Be A Great Benefit To Schools

20 February 2014
 Categories: Entertainment, Articles


Many schools today do not have the benefit of a permanent stage at their location. This can often make it difficult for a variety of functions the staff of the school may have planned for students, parents and teachers. To help in this type of situation, the organizers of the event may want to consider renting portable stages. These devices offer an assortment of benefits to those who use them and because they are easy to setup and breakdown, many times they can be the best option for the event. Most schools host a number of assemblies for the students during the school year. These can be presentations of information or announcements for the students of the school. Sometimes an assembly may be called for a certain type of fun and unique event being held at the school. In addition, many assemblies are set up to give recognition to students who are doing good work. During these assemblies, it is generally of great help for the speakers and presenters to be elevated above the children on a stage. This not only allows the students to see who or what they should be focusing on, but it gives everyone a chance to see and hear the information being presented. Since many schools do not have the room for a permanent stage, using a temporary stage can be a great benefit. Most stages are sold or rented in small units, which can be locked together to create a larger stage in the size the school can accommodate. This can be a great benefit, especially when space is limited. Since the smaller stage units are generally easier to maneuver than one large stage, this type of system can make it easy for the staff helping to set up the event to get the task completed quickly and efficiently. Portable stages can come in an assortment of styles. Some are carpeted, while others may have anti-slip flooring. Choosing the proper flooring can be important depending on the type of event to be showcased on the stage. Many types of performers may require a floor with anti-slip flooring so they can perform without worry of falling. However, for some performers, such as dancers, an anti-slip floor may hinder their performance. Musicians generally prefer a wooden floor so the music will sound better against the natural flooring. Carpeting can also be a good choice for stages where people may be walking across the stage and the sound of their footsteps may be a distraction. It is also important to consider the types of extra features that will be needed with the stage. Generally, a unit with steps to access and leave the stage can be a great benefit for those using the stage. It is also helpful to have rails on the bottom of the stage near the floor. This can help in preventing chairs, equipment or other items from slipping off the stage. Railings can be put on certain portions of the stage and steps to make sure participants do not fall from the stage. It can also be a good idea to use Velcro skirting to cover the stage's legs, braces and connectors for a more complete look. One of the best benefits of a portable stage can be the ease of set up. Most units are easily hooked together using sliding lock keys on the platform of the stage. These locks keep the various units together in a safe and secure manner. By having these types of connectors, those people in charge of setting the stage up will not need to worry about having tools or other types of equipment. Temporary stages are also a great choice as they can be easily disassembled and stored away until the next time they are needed. This can be a great advantage for a school with limited space. Visit for more information.