5 Unique Marriage-Saving Date Night Ideas For Parents

23 October 2014
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Dating your spouse can help you stay connected. In fact, dating your spouse could save your marriage from divorce. Here are a few problems that are common for those who are married with children, and a date night solution that may help.

Need More Passion?

Problem: The passion in your marriage seems non-existent. Yes, you and your spouse love each other but, at the end of each day, you are too exhausted to do anything but sleep. This can lead to problems in the marriage, such as feelings of resentment and/or suspicions of an affair.

Solution: Spice things up a bit with private dance lessons for you and your spouse. Sexy Latin dances can help ignite passion in your bedroom. Hire a dance instructor to give you lessons in the studio so you can watch each other in the mirror while you learn the dance steps.   

Don't Want to Talk About the Kids?

Problem: You want adult time with your spouse and going on dates can be a great way to achieve that, but your conversations always turn towards your children. It can be difficult to reconnect with your spouse on a personal level if your conversations always end up focusing on the children.

Solution: Take your spouse on a date where it will be difficult to discuss the children. One way to do this is to attend a murder mystery dinner. You and your spouse can work together as a team to figure out whodunit. The entertainers keep the event moving at a steady pace, which will limit the chances that a conversation about the children will start.

Feeling Old?

Problem: Even though you wouldn't trade your little ones in for anything, you miss the days of your youth. You feel like you've turned into someone else… a much older person. You have, but your younger you is still in there, somewhere, just waiting for a chance to come out.

Solution: Let your younger self out once in a while, even if for just a few hours. One way to do that is to attend a music concert by your favorite band from your teen or college years. If they no longer plays venues, find a local cover band that plays their songs of other songs from your favorite genre.

Too Stressed Out?

Problem: All the hustle and bustle of work and family life has you stressed out. Too much stress can negatively affect your marriage, no matter where the stress comes from.

Solution: Get a couples massage and let your worries and stress melt away. You will both relax and get pampered with massages at the same time. You can talk with each other during the massage, or enjoy the blissful silence. Many spas tailor couples massages to fit the needs of their clients.

Expecting Another Child?

Problem: Your little bun in the oven is almost done, and mama may appreciate some help in the kitchen while she recovers from childbirth. And, as parents already, you know that soon there will be many sleepless nights when your little one finally arrives.

Solution: Schedule a night of private cooking lessons for a date night. A chef will teach you tips and tricks that can help you prepare many types of meals. You and your spouse will work together during the cooking lessons to prepare a meal for yourselves. Many private cooking lessons end with a candlelight dinner of the meal.

It's important to go on regular dates with your spouse. Too often, couples with children begin identifying each other by "the other parent," instead of by "the person I love."