5 Creative Ideas For Your Next Company Party

21 January 2015
 Categories: Entertainment, Articles


Sometimes office parties are just obligatory events people attend because they feel like they have to but don't necessarily enjoy. Even worse, some of your staff might come up with excuses to avoid the party if they think it will be boring or awkward.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way. If you're tasked with throwing your company party, you want to plan an event your coworkers will look forward to and talk fondly of afterward. This requires thinking a bit outside of the box. Here are five ideas to help take your next company party to the next level:

Have a Spa Party

If your office is fast-paced and your staff seems a little stressed out lately, why not help them relax with a spa party? You can create a relaxing vibe with soothing instrumental music, dim lighting, and candles. In order to extend the spa theme to the menu, serve cucumber and lemon water and hot tea along with the usual party appetizers and cocktails.

Hire a massage therapist and perhaps a manicurist to come to your office and provide spa services. Be sure to set up private spa rooms or zones in offices or conference rooms, so your staff can enjoy their relaxing spa treatments in privacy and comfort, before rejoining the party.

Charter a Boat

If you live somewhere coastal, or near a lake, a private charter is an especially exciting idea for a company party. Spending an afternoon on the water in the sunshine is sure to put everyone in a great mood. Another good option is a sunset dinner or happy hour cruise. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to combine your boat trip with whale watching or other wilderness experiences.

In any case, the boat chartering company should offer great catering and cocktail services along with the boat ride itself. Just be sure to bring motion sickness medicine or ginger candy, in case anyone on your staff happens to get seasick.

Throw an Old-fashioned Lawn Party

If your office party is taking place during a warm time of year, why not get out of the office and into the sunshine for an old-fashioned lawn party? Lawn parties combine nostalgic charm with fun activities that will keep your staff from getting bored during the party.

Encourage everyone to dress up a bit- think sundresses for women and linen suits for men. Serve finger sandwiches and other dainty appetizers, or perhaps bring on the barbecue. Set up lawn games, like horseshoes or anything from this helpful list.

Rent an Art Gallery

If your business is in a more creative field, holding your party at an art gallery can be a sophisticated and stimulating option. Your staff can nibble on cheese plates and other appetizers, sip wine, and check out some interesting art. Many art galleries are aesthetically pleasing as well as set up to hold events. The novelty of the setting and the art itself should give your team plenty to talk about both during and after the party.

Throw an 80's Prom-themed Party

If your staff is a fun, light-hearted bunch, consider throwing an 80's prom. Encourage your staff to scour thrift stores for over the top 80's fashions and to sport those infamous, hairspray-laden 80's hairdos. Decorate with plenty of streamers and balloons, and set up a photo booth with silly props for your staff to take prom-style photos together. Complete your office prom with an 80's-only playlist that will encourage everyone to dance and laugh.   

Any one of these ideas is likely to make your next office party exciting and fun for your entire staff.