5 Wedding Dress Designs Inspired By WWE Divas

10 March 2015
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The WWE is filled with hard-hitting superstars, action, and dramatic moments. Between the matches, storylines often involve romance between WWE Superstars and Divas. Through the years, many of these stories have concluded in lavish weddings. While the weddings don't always go as planned, WWE Divas look their best in extravagant wedding gowns. No matter what type of dress you're looking for, you can team up with wedding dress designers to emulate the same creations worn by WWE Divas.

The following five wedding dress designs have a permanent place in WWE history and can become a part of your magical day.

Brie Bella Marries Daniel Bryan

It was a romance that started behind the scenes and then quickly went on to WWE programming thanks to storylines and the WWE reality show "Total Divas." Their romance quickly blossomed and led to a real life wedding that was recorded and aired on both "WWE Divas" and "Monday Night Raw." For the wedding, Brie Bella wore a very stylish dress that included a v-cut down the center, corded lace, and scallop trim.

Another big highlight of this wedding dress was the slim fit and completely open back. Open back dresses are great for outdoor weddings and can be designed for your own wedding. Bella complemented her dress with a matching white veil and a bouquet of white daisies.

Stephanie McMahon's Wedding to Test

On a night WWE fans would never forget, Stephanie McMahon was set to marry her boyfriend Test until Triple H interrupted the festivities. Long before McMahon had a huge meltdown in the ring, fans got to see one of the most beautiful wedding dresses seen on WWE programming.

McMahon decided to keep it simple for her dress design. The sleeveless dress features a modest angled cut across the chest, a simple white ruffled pattern, and a long tail coat that was seen elegantly during her walk to the wrestling ring. McMahon complemented the dress with a lavish silver and diamond necklace.

A Match Made in Heaven

For those looking to go retro on their wedding day, the 1991 Summerslam event featured a lavish wedding between Macho Man Randy Savage and his bride-to-be Miss Elizabeth. Miss Elizabeth dressed for the times in a long sleeve wedding dress with lace trim on the bottom and arm sleeves. The front chest of the dress is adorned with a crystal bead design that glimmers in the light. The rising neck of the dress has an elegant touch and continues the lace pattern.

One of the more dramatic parts of her dress design were the puffy shoulders. If chosen today, those puffs would definitely have a retro appeal for brides. It was a design choice that is very similar to Princess Diana's wedding dress.

Lita's Dark Wedding Day

If you're not into the white wedding dress, then consider one the darker weddings in WWE history. The "Big Red Machine" Kane forced Lita into marriage on an episode of "Monday Night Raw." Instead of celebrating with a white dress, Lita showcased an all black dress that actually fit into the wedding nicely.

The dress design was a sleek black with no frills. It featured two shoulder straps and the length of the dress cut off just above the knees. Lita also wore a matching black veil to compliment the color selection.

AJ Lee Get Victorious at the Altar

Before Daniel Bryan had his real marriage to Brie Bella, he was in a fictional relationship with WWE Diva AJ Lee. AJ was manipulated by Bryan on multiple occasions, but she finally got one over on him by planning the fake wedding. For the ceremony, AJ skipped to the ring in a strapless white dress that featured lace trim. Instead of the traditional wedding shoes, AJ stuck with a pair of Converse shoes and made it work.

The chest and stomach of the dress featured a subtle lace design that blended nicely into the flowing bottom of the dress. She matched the dress with a veil that featured a thick and curvy lace trim.

By working with a wedding designer, it's easy to duplicate a number of these dresses and have them custom-fitted to become your own. For more inspiration, try checking out a bridal dress shop online a site like http://www.moonlightbridal.com.