Short on Space? How to Make a Blindfolded Haunted House

21 September 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If you really want to make a haunted house this Halloween but don't have a lot of space to use for a haunted house, you can easily make a blindfolded haunted house using just one room in your home. 

With a blindfolded haunted house, it is all about creating a sensory experience. Participants are blindfolded before they enter the haunted house, where they then have to feel their way around. Instead of scaring participants visually, you will engage their other senses and add in some scary storytelling to create a haunted-house experience. 

You are going to want to put a blindfold on all participants before they enter the haunted house and remove it when they leave the haunted room. 


At the entrance to the haunted house, you are going to want to set the tone with some haunted, creepy music. You can find numerous haunted-house music videos on YouYube that you can play for free if you don't own an appropriate haunted-house soundtrack. You may also be able to purchase a soundtrack of spooky and creepy music and sound effects at your local Halloween or party store. 

If possible, play a different haunted-house music soundtrack right outside the entrance to the room and within the room itself.


From the ceiling, you are going to want to hang down yarn, streamers, and cotton spider webs. All three of these materials will create the feeling that the participants are brushing past spider webs as they walk through the haunted room that you have set up. They will be able to feel these things brush against their face as they walk around the haunted room that you have set up. 


Tape down a plastic sheet over the entire floor. This is going to get messy, so you are going to want to protect your floor. This will also make the clean-up process go smoother. 

Use the floor to add to the sensory experience that you are striving to create. Cover the floor with items that will make a crunchy sound as participants walk around, such as dried noodles as well as dried corn chips. This will make it sound like the participants are walking around on cracking bones. 


You are going to want to set up stations throughout the room. At each station, there should be someone telling a scary story to accompany the sensory experience that is set up at each table. Here are some great sensory experiences you can set up in your haunted room. 

  • Cut-Off Hands: To create cut-off hands, cook some oatmeal and then stuff it inside of cleaning gloves and tie off the end of each glove after you fill it with oatmeal. Make enough to make an entire plate full of cut-off hands. 
  • Cut-Up Ears: To make cut-off ears, fill a bucket up with dried-up fruit. Apricots make create cut-off ear props.
  • Guts: To make guts, cook up some spaghetti and run it under cool water so that the spaghetti is cold. Then, add some olive oil to the spaghetti to make the guts slimy and squishy. 
  • Vampire Heart: To create a heart, purchase a heart-shaped mold and fill it with jello. This will give you a wiggly, jiggly heart.
  • Zombie Brain: To make a zombie brain, take a head of cauliflower and remove the leaves. Then, pour cottage cheese over the brain to create loose brain matter. 
  • Eyeballs: Simply peel the skin off of some round grapes, and then add some olive oil to create a slippery, yucky feeling. 

For any of the stations above, you can create blood using corn syrup. Make sure that your volunteers for each station know plenty of creepy stories to add to the sensory experience. For example, for the cut-off hands you can have a creepy voice tell participants how this is a bowl of all the hands they cut off of kids trying to steal extra Halloween candy. Make sure that they use a nice, creepy voice while telling the story to add to the feeling. 

You don't need a lot of room to create a scary experience. To create a blindfolded, sensory-based haunted house all you need is one room, lots of creepily prepared food, some scary music, and a few good storytellers to create an experience that is sure to frighten your guests!