Going On A First Date? Why You Should Have It At A Bowling Alley

14 December 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


First dates can be exciting, albeit nerve-wracking experiences.  You are taking the time to get to know someone, but because you are new to each other, you may feel a bit of stress along with the anticipation.  If you're planning for a first date, you may be looking to do something different from dates you've gone on in the past.  Bowling can take you off the beaten path and into new territory.  Use this information to learn more about why your next first date should be at a bowling alley.

Bowling Makes Conversation Flow

One of the main reasons why you should have your next first date at the bowling alley is because it helps with conversation.  Instead of sitting at a restaurant table trying to quickly come up with things to say, you can let the conversation flow in a natural way by taking your date to the bowling alley.

Just think of the laughs and fun the two of you will have while bowling.  Everything from the retro shoes that you have to rent, to the sometimes cheesy music, to the inevitable strikes will elicit laughter and conversation.  As you're playing, you can throw in a few questions so that you can learn more about the person.  There won't be that usual pressure, and the two of you can connect in a natural way.

Bowling Helps You See Someone's Real Self

Another reason why you should take your date bowling is because it gives you a chance to see their real nature.  It's so easy to be artificial when you're under the microscope of the traditional dinner date.  It's not as easy to hide who you really are when you're playing a competitive game like bowling.

For example, if your date is losing, carefully observe them to see if they're able to handle it.  Do they pout or get mad?  Or do they realize that it's just a game and you two are there to have fun no matter who wins?  This can truly be an eye-opener, and you could gain powerful insights into their real nature that you wouldn't have learned any other way.

Taking your date bowling shows that you are non-traditional and willing to do something different that the norm.  Eating bowling alley food and keeping score can really be a bonding experience.  Don't delay; start planning your bowling alley date today so you can enjoy these benefits and much more.  For more information, check out places like Sparetimes Bowling.