Want To Get Gamers' Perspectives On New Games? How Video Game Broadcast Voting Helps

31 March 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Okay, so you are a brand-new video game company looking for success. To be successful, you have to design games gamers want to play. You also want to make sure that the games you launch will be successful and appeal to most gamers. While you could spend years and thousands of dollars on market research, your competition gets ahead. Instead, do what gamers do; video game broadcasts. Better yet, do these broadcasts with a twist--gamers vote on what games they like as they are being aired and played. Here is how this approach could really get your company off the ground.

Live Demos of New Games

Gamers are always looking for new games to play. Some like playing the games while others love watching fellow gamers in action. Broadcasting a live play session of a new game by your company can really help get the recognition your company needs. By incorporating a live voting session with the live broadcast of game play, you can also get a really good idea on how well a game will do on the market. The more people that tune in to watch the broadcast and the more people that vote for the game, the more likely you will be able to market that game and make a profit. If this isn't something that you want to do through your company, you can also reach out to a company like VideoGameBroadcasts.com and see if they'd be willing to broadcast players playing your game or hold an event. 

Poll the Viewers When Game Broadcasts Bomb

If a game broadcast bombs, it may not be the game's fault. It could be that people find the broadcaster/gamer boring to listen to, or it could be that people forgot to tune in. If you have a lot of negative comments on the broadcast, poll the viewers to see why a particular game/broadcast of said game completely bombed. This will help you understand why the game was not well-received, as well as whether or not you should release the game anyway.

Be Sure to Broadcast the Best Features of a New Game

Ordinary game play, with characters running here and there on screen, are often received as boring or uninteresting unless the graphics are mind-blowing. Even then, gamers want to see what the game is about, and see its best features. Select levels where the action and game play are the most exciting to watch, and have your gamer/broadcaster air those levels and sequences of play. This gets your gamer audience revved up and excited about your game, and its release date. Be sure your broadcaster/gamer gives them enough information for them to know who is releasing the game, when it will be released. what platforms on which the game can be played, and about how much the game will cost.