Three Options For Mountain Lodging When You Want To Ski, Hike Or Hunt

17 April 2017
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When you really want to get away from it all and literally head for the hills, there is plenty of mountain lodging to choose from. With three major mountain ranges in the U.S., you also have your choice of areas of the country in which to head. Here are some options you can look for when you begin considering lodging in the mountains.

Trailer Homes for Rent in the Blue Ridges

Trailer homes for rent are pretty common, especially in the Blue Ridge Mountains where trailer homes are easily parked and connected to transportable water sources and/or motor park utility outlets. Some of these trailer homes may be very remote, relying on you to drive most of the distance and then get out and hike the rest of the way on foot. Others may not be remote, and may be on shared lots of land with several other trailer homes for rent. At least with these trailer homes you can drive all the way up to the home you are renting for a few days and park your vehicle right next to it.

Rustic Cabins in the Smokies

Rustic cabins owned by people for vacation and hunting purposes may also be available to rent in the mountains. These types of abodes are more common in the Smoky Mountains, where families have dwelled in the same cabins for generations, until they have all passed away or sold the family cabin to someone else. Many cabins rely on a well and a pump for water, and may or may not have indoor plumbing for the purpose of bathing and toileting needs. Be sure to ask if there is an outhouse or indoor plumbing and a septic system if you are especially concerned about this issue.

Chalets in the Rockies

Upscale chalets for skiing enthusiasts can be found in the Rocky Mountains, from Colorado to California. These may operate more like guest hotels and/or spas, but you may find a few that are privately owned and for rent through the owners. The rental price is significantly more expensive than a trailer home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and frequently a little more than a rustic cabin in the Smoky Mountains. However, you can almost always count on modern furnishings and modern plumbing in a chalet, which is often preferable for many people who do not like to "rough it" or feel like they are camping.