Throw An Epic Kid Party With Your Home Theater System

25 April 2017
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Seeing a movie is a great idea for a birthday party, but it's expensive to take more than one or two children to a theater. Fortunately, you can create an even better party experience using your home theater. Here's how. 

Movie Ticket Invitations

Make some cool invitations that look like movie tickets. You can create these yourself or find templates online. 

Put your child's name and age in the spot where the name of the movie would be. For example, you could write "Hannah's 7th Birthday!" 

Then write the address and the time as if it were part of the movie ticket. You could write, "Now screening in Theater Number 7 at 123 Pine Street, Springfield at 2:00pm"

Red Carpet Walk

Put out a red carpet for guests to walk on as they enter your house or the room where you are having the party. Get some paparazzi, like siblings or friends, to take pictures and shout the guests' names. 

Comfy Theater Seating

Move any coffee tables or other furniture, and throw some kid friendly seating on the floor. Use bean bag chairs and lots of pillows to make your guests comfortable during the show. 


Popcorn and candy are a must if you're showing a movie. 

You can buy paper popcorn holders that look like just what you'd get in a movie theater. You can use a portable shower caddy to make a snack box for each child. Put popcorn, candy and a bottled water in the various compartments. 

An old fashioned popcorn machine is great for ambiance and makes delicious popcorn. See if you can rent one. 

Award Winning Cake

Create a birthday cake fit for your little star. Make a glamorous award cake by topping a regular cake with edible gold leaf to make it shine. Put a little statue, trophy or plastic star on top to make it look like an award. 

You could also make a cake that features the movie you are showing. For a kids' movie, simply buy some plastic toys and place them on an iced cake. 

If you are buying a cake, ask for one decorated like old fashioned film or ask for a drawing of a movie camera on top.

Whether it's a sweet sixteen sleepover or a party for a group of little ones, your home theater system is the perfect way to keep kids entertained. Choose a movie appropriate for the age of your guest, and let the fun begin. For more information about home theater systems, visit Elegant Home Theater Systems.