Tips For Selecting A Wedding DJ

15 November 2019
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A wedding DJ is a common thing where wedding celebrations at the venues are concerned. After dinner, the floors are cleared of tables so that everyone can get up and dance. If you want a dance to celebrate your big day, then you have to hire a DJ. Here are some tips for hiring a really good DJ for your wedding. 

If You Liked the DJ at a Recent Wedding You Attended, Ask the Bride Who It Was

When you attend enough weddings, you end up gathering ideas for your own. If you attended a recent wedding and liked the DJ that wedding party used, ask the bride who she hired. Then see if that DJ is still in business and is available for the day of your wedding. 

Interview Lots of DJs Before You Hire One

Brides tend to jump at the first DJ that has an opening on her big day. The anxiety that not being able to find a DJ can mean brides hire people that are less than capable or that deliver bad services. Avoid that mess by interviewing several DJs before making a decision. If you are nervous about getting a DJ, ask each DJ if they are available for your wedding, and then ask if they will accept a small hold fee for your date until you can hire the DJ you definitely want.

Make Sure the DJ Is Willing to Accept a "No Play" List

There are just some songs that you find irritating and you do not want to hear on your wedding day. That is understandable. You should have some control over the music selections that the DJ plays, and it should not be what the DJ wants to play or what the guests request to be played. Ask every DJ you interview if they are willing to accept and adhere to a "no play" list. If they say "yes," then make sure that they understand that being hired and getting paid rests on not playing the songs on the "no play" list. You can even make it part of the hiring contract in order to enforce the importance of the "no play" list.

Read the Hiring Contract Thoroughly

Most DJs have fairly straightforward hiring contracts. However, you may want clarification of some points in the contract so that you are both perfectly clear about what the contract means. Then you can sign the contract and place your downpayment for services. Most DJs will take payment in full on the day of your wedding.

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