Video Game Soundtracks On Vinyl: A Great Collector Choice

25 March 2020
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Video game music has transformed into a major industry and helps to transform gameplay into a more immersive experience. And a growing number of gamers are starting to collect soundtracks as a way of reliving their favorite games when relaxing or working. Thankfully, many of these companies have taken the vinyl boom in mind and offer great records for gaming fans to collect.  

Video Game Music is a Very Collectible Gaming Element

Gamers have become fascinated with video game music since the very beginning of this hobby, and the genre has evolved substantially over the years. From the earliest days of electronic bleeps and bloops to today's fully-orchestrated sounds, video game soundtracks are better than ever. As a result, many fans are starting to create huge collections of these albums for their music collections.

Some have turned to creating an MP3 collection because these are often much cheaper to buy and don't take up as much physical room as other media. However, many fans are disappointed by the sound quality and upset that they can't hear their favorite soundtracks in excellent sound. And others don't like the inability to display these items in their collection, which is why video game soundtrack vinyl has become a vast industry that many are just now starting to enjoy.

Why Vinyl is a Better Collection Option

A growing number of record labels and video game companies are pressing soundtracks to vinyl for music collectors. That's because vinyl has a superior sound to MP3 when a person upgrades their sound system. With a handful of speakers and a well-balanced turntable, a person can create a high-definition sound that brings their favorite video game to life right in their listening room.

And vinyl also showcases artwork more beautifully than other types of media methods. For example, some people buy two records for their collection—one that they can listen to on their turntable and another to frame and display in their game or listening room. Vinyl records display artwork beautifully and can make a video game collection feel more complete and engaging for many players.

These vinyl options are available at most types of major music stores, including independent record stores and even supermarkets. However, they can also be purchased online from many manufacturers. And there are even companies who will press a soundtrack for a person, as long as they provide them with the sound files and artwork and pay for the pressing as well.

To listen to your favorite gaming music, contact a company with video game soundtrack records.