3 Stage Elements To Help Enhance Flying Effects

19 March 2021
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


The addition of performer flying effects to a stage show can make a huge difference in the production value and visuals for the audience. As you plan out a production, you can learn ways to use stage elements to help enhance the flying effects and improve the way the effects look to the audience.

Check out three stage elements to use with flying effects. The props can work for a number of different plays and musicals.

1. Cloud Props

When a character launches up in the air, you can give the illusion they are flying even higher with the use of hanging cloud props. Characters can float among the clouds and give a sense of wonder as they cruise through the sky. Through performer flying effects training, you will learn how to choreograph movements and float around the hanging props.

Along with clouds, you can consider other sky-based props like flying birds or airplanes. The props will increase the sense of the illusion and works well for a lot of flying characters like Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and a variety of superheroes.

2. High-Level Platforms

Instead of just flying up in the air and landing back down on the stage, you can give some purpose to the flights with high-level platforms. A person can fly from the ground and up onto the balcony for a fun effect and for plot reasons.

The decorations crew can transform the platform into a lot of different creations. You could have a castle balcony ideal for Rapunzel or Romeo and Juliet. You could transform the space into a mountaintop. The area could also be the crow's nest on a pirate ship.

You can rehearse the move so the person flies up and lands smoothly on the platform each time.

3. Trap Doors

If the stage you are working on has a trap door, then you can take advantage of the trap door for some grand entrances. With the trap door left wide open, a character can make their grand entrance by rising up out of the trap door, flying into the air, and landing on their feet. 

The entrance is ideal for a fun surprise in the production and will really draw the attention of the audience when the character is introduced. If the stage has multiple trap doors, then you can play around with the production and decide where to have the character pop out from. You may even have multiple characters fly out at the same time.

Break down a production script to determine the best ways to use flying effects within a performance.