6 Easy Ways To Make Better Marketing Videos

5 October 2021
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If you want to connect with your audience and sell your products, you will want to make a marketing video. People love watching video content, and making high-quality video content is a great way to connect with your audience and sell more products.

1. Think for Yourself

When it comes to making good video content, don't try to copy what you see other people doing. Instead, think for yourself and create something original. You can look at other videos for inspiration, but don't copy what others are doing — creating something with your own angle and viewpoint that will stand out.

2. Have a Plan

Next, it is essential to have a plan. When creating video content, you need to know what you are doing and not just wing it. You will want to create a storyboard that shows what images and content you want to capture as you shoot your video. You want to write out a script so you know what to say, even if you don't follow it perfectly. Having a plan and knowing the footage you want to capture will allow you to capture more high-quality footage and will make editing easier.

3. Use Detailed Sets

Audiences today are used to watching a lot of video content, and they are not easily tricked. That is why you are not going to want to make a fake-looking set. Instead, you are going to want to rent out space that is authentic or find authentic sets. Audiences pay attention to details, so be sure to get the details right if you want to convince your audience that you are shooting an original video.

4. Focus on Good Sound Quality

Next, you are going to want to focus on good sound quality. Poor sound quality can ruin your video. Use lavaliere microphones or lapel microphones for areas where those speaking can't hold a microphone, and when you are doing sit-down interviews, use a boom microphone. You don't want to put out a video that has garbled sounds.

5. Use Good Lights

When setting up to shoot your video, be sure to use lots of lights. You want to get the right balance with lights so that you don't have a ton of shadows, nor are you over-exposed either. A three-point light setup is a great way to light things up without overdoing it.

6. Choose Actors Carefully

Finally, you are going to want to choose the actors who you use in your videos carefully. You don't need to hire someone who is famous, but you do want to hire people who can memorize their lines and look natural while delivering them. It is a good idea to allow your actors time for a few run-throughs before you start recording.

If you want to create high-quality marketing videos for your products, work on an original idea, write out a script and have a plan, use detailed sets and authentic actors, and be sure to use quality sound recording and lights. For more information about video production, contact a local company, like Empire Pictures.