Arcade Game Rental Tips

30 November 2021
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Renting arcade game equipment will not require a large investment. Rental arcade equipment includes vintage cabinet models that have been refurbished, modern gaming tables, and a mix of classic and modern pinball machines. Consider space constraints, arcade game themes that your clientele may enjoy, and an equipment supplier's rental agreement requirements.


Arcade equipment should be used in a dry environment. Games should not be placed in an area where sharp immobile or mobile items could come into contact with a screen, a glass or plastic cover, or another fragile gaming component that could easily become damaged.

A supplier who features arcade equipment will furnish electrical and space requirements for the games that they are renting out. A supplier may offer short and long-term rentals and/or rent-to-own options.

The Number Of Units And The Themes

If you have limited space, you may want to acquire a few rentals for a short duration. Once you determine how well your clients perceive the equipment, you can upgrade your rental agreement. If you would like to switch out arcade games every few months, inquire about leasing an initial set of games for a short duration and switching them out for alternate arcade equipment at a later date.

There are many arcade themes to choose from. Choose reality games, simulation games, adventure games, or strategy games that will be age-appropriate for your clients. Some video equipment may play continuous background soundtracks or feature a series of lights that will aid with keeping your patrons entertained throughout each gaming session.

The Rental Agreement

Since you will not be purchasing equipment new and be required to assemble pieces that are packed inside of a shipping carton, your gaming equipment may not require much time to set up. Your rental agreement will outline how your equipment will need to be installed. You or the person who delivers the arcade games may be responsible for transporting the equipment indoors and setting the games up in the areas where they will be utilized.

Some rental games may come with a coin or token slot. The money that you take in every day will reduce the overall cost that you were initially charged to rent the equipment. Your rental equipment will outline how damages are handled by the supplier. Damages that are incurred from excessive use of a machine may be repaired by a technician who is employed by the supplier. Damages that are a result of improper handling may be your responsibility.

To learn more, contact arcade game rental services.