Increase The Fun Of Watching MMA With Prop Bets

1 March 2022
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If you've recently begun to watch mixed martial arts on TV and you want to start placing wagers on the match outcomes, there are lots of options for you to explore. A common way to wager on MMA is to attempt to pick the winner of a match. You can evaluate the two combatants, consider their records and individual strengths, as well as note the current match odds, and then choose the fighter you believe will be successful. If you wish to place additional wagers, a good way of doing so is to look at prop bets. There are all sorts of prop bets to consider in MMA, including the following. 

Type Of Win

In MMA, there are several different ways that a fighter can win a match. These methods include winning a decision, in which the judges select a winner, knockout, and submission. Choosing not only the winner but also the method in which you believe they'll win, is a popular MMA prop bet. When you decide who you expect will win, you should research how their fights typically end. For example, a fighter who is a talented submission artist will often win by submission. In this scenario, choosing a submission prop bet can potentially pay off for you.


You may also wish to place a prop bet about the round in which you believe the fight will finish. If you've assessed the two fighters and you believe that one has the skill to end the match early, for example, selecting the first round can be a good idea. Lots of people favor this approach when two heavyweight combatants square off, given these competitors' ability to end fights early with just a few heavy punches. To increase your success in picking the right round, it's useful to evaluate the fighters' past fights and note when they often end.

Award Winners

It's common for MMA promotions to assign awards to specific fighters and matches at the conclusion of an event. For example, if a particular fighter wins in a spectacular manner, they may receive an award for their success. Some websites allow you to place prop bets on these award winners. Browse each fighter's past record to see who is a frequent award winner. If you feel as though one of these combatants is likely to earn another award for their dominant performance, you may wish to place a corresponding prop bet.

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