3 Benefits Of Taking Manta Ray Snorkel Tours At Night

13 January 2023
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Manta ray tours give you the opportunity to get up close with the ocean creatures and see them in their natural habitats. When you book a manta ray snorkel tour, you can choose the time of day you want to take the tour. Consider a night tour when you book your tickets. A night tour does not limit your views of the water and provides some key benefits.

1. Quiet Environments 

When you book a night tour, you can enjoy the boat ride and ocean waters without so many other tourists out on the water. During the day, you could encounter regular sightseeing tours, personal boats, and watercraft like jet skis. With a night tour, you can enjoy a more focused trip that eliminates a lot of noise pollution.

The whole tour will feel more intimate and you can see a whole different side of the ocean when you travel under the natural moonlight.

2. Attract More Plankton To the Boat

Manta rays feed on plankton and an abundance of plankton will help your snorkel tour attract as many rays as possible. During a night tour, boats will use large spotlights that shine directly in the water. The plankton will move naturally toward the lights and create an ideal feeding area for manta rays.

During the day, the amount of plankton depends on the natural sunlight and the area the boat stops in. With more control at night, you will increase the number of manta rays you see and have more visuals to enjoy in the water. Some boats may use multiple spotlights to provide different areas to swim around and witness manta ray activity.

3. Light Sources For Photos

Not only do the spotlights at night help attract more manta rays to a boat, but the lights can provide nice visuals for photography. Many snorkel trips allow you the opportunity to take pictures with an underwater camera or directly from a boat. The light sources will create direct beams.

You typically are not allowed to use flash photography that could scare the sea animals. With the light sources, you can capture sharp pictures and a lot of unique angles as you swim around. During the day, you never know how sunlight will impact the images and shots can often become blurry. A powerful spotlight will create vivid views of the water and manta rays.

Book a manta ray snorkeling tour online to see all of the available options. Find a night tour and enjoy all of the benefits listed above.