Video Game Soundtracks On Vinyl: A Great Collector Choice

25 March 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Video game music has transformed into a major industry and helps to transform gameplay into a more immersive experience. And a growing number of gamers are starting to collect soundtracks as a way of reliving their favorite games when relaxing or working. Thankfully, many of these companies have taken the vinyl boom in mind and offer great records for gaming fans to collect.   Video Game Music is a Very Collectible Gaming Element Read More 

5 Reasons It’s A Good Idea To Try An Escape Room

27 January 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

You may have heard of escape rooms, but maybe you have yet to try one. These fun experiences are a great way to be challenged along with friends and family. You'll work your way through different puzzles and obstacles and try to escape the room together. It can be tricky at times, but it's also fun. Here are some reasons it's a good idea to try an escape room experience. Read More